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 FAA Approved Drone Pilots, Engineers and Robotics specialists. A project partner even in hard to reach places.

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What we do



With offices in Southern California and Brooklyn, Spark thrives at the intersection of technology and production. We are builders and engineers, constantly inventing and adapting technology for 21st century storytelling.

Whatever your project requirements, we're ready to help. From flying cameras to writing software, our team specializes in creating the new and the never before seen, captivating audiences across the cutting edge of digital engagement.   


Some of our Clients & Partners

From conception to execution, Spark was the partner we needed for our most ambitious campaign of the year.
— Sam Olstein, Global Head Creative, GE
Building a custom iOS app to work with our hardware controller and the Drone Ecosystem was a huge hurdle until we met the Spark Team. Rapid prototyping with them was painless and let us focus on our business.
— Dr. Scott Parazynski, Astronaut and CEO, Fluidity Technologies
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Take a look at some of the stuff we're building today

Not all drones need to fly. Terrestrial robotics mean we can place sensors and cameras in hard to reach places

 Projecting the output of multiple LiDAR Scans in San Diego, CA

Projecting the output of multiple LiDAR Scans in San Diego, CA

Our water resistant, dual camera equipped DJI M210 Aircraft

Building airframes to carry custom payloads in the Spark Aerial Office

When space really is the final frontier. Using high altitude weather balloons and ruggedized cameras, we captured this image 120,000 feet above the California Desert

A Drone thermal View of San Diego

Meet the world's first Snapchat Drone

New cameras and sensors being diagnosed before flight