DRONeweek 2017: The Global energy ecosystem


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project overview

Droneweek is entering into its third year as a collaboration between GE, Spark Aerial, Barbarian, and GE’s additional partner agencies.  In year one, we broadcast live with an iPhone on a customized drone via the Periscope platform.  Year two was five consecutive days of live broadcast via Facebook live, from five locations in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to highlight GE’s role in the 2016 Olympic Games.


This year, starting on October 9th – Droneweek 2017 will be premiering on Viceland for five consecutive days in its latest, and most ambitious, iteration.  Check out the teaser above and set your DVR for some globe-trotting adventures about the current, and future, energy ecosystem.




The Project

Just 10 miles away from Nicaragua's capital and most populous city, we traveled to the world's newest lava lake with GE and QWAKE to help build an early warning system. Using custom drones, sensors and software, we built a digital model of the entire volcanic region. This provided local scientists and government with tools to better protect their citizens in the event of volcanic or seismic activity


                                                          The Masaya Volcano Crater

What we built

Tasked with customizing drones both as camera and sensor platforms to help the team collect vital data as well as document the descent, Spark customized a fleet of Drone airframes to withstand the harsh volcanic conditions and return with their payloads intact. The fleet included first of its kind air sample collection aircraft, high precision thermal cameras for thermal fissure detection and high resolution LiDAR which allowed perfect 3D reconstruction of the crater back in the lab. Combined with the drones tasked with aerial cinematography, this fleet allowed our small team to capture unprecedented levels of data faster than any traditional methods like manned helicopters would have allowed. 


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Project Overview

As a special thank you to Verizon Presidents' Club Executives, we designed, built and deployed a unique drone activation that combined video of the event, hosted at a private resort on the island of Aruba, with the iconic intro sequence to Game of Thrones. 

Our custom Application, autonomously flew the drone and stitched the video elements into one piece, allowed our staff on the ground to engage with attendees and VIP's from HBO and Verizon.