Case studies

flagship store opening


Social Influencers

We manufactured content perfectly tailored to the Bloomingdales’ audience using Social Media Influencers and their channels to broadcast #newbloomiesstanford and raise awareness of their new flagship store

Space Selfie

From space to your face. Customers could walk up to our activation and send their friends a rendering of earth zooming in from space down to their face. The customer leaves with a fun, memorable, and shareable experience of the event

Space Case


We launched satellite balloons from multiple locations all over the globe to photograph the planet like never before


Limited-Edition android case w/ nfc technology

With their new Limited-Edition Android Skrillex Case, fans can connect to specialized content, including unreleased tracks from Skrillex and exclusive media from the edge of space


DJI: Phantom 3 Launch

DJI Phantom 3 Product Launch

To commemorate the launch of their new line of Pahntom drones, we worked with DJI to create an experience at their press event in New York City


By Ogilvy & Mather

Built for it

The Built For It Trials is a social media campaigned centered around outrageous uses of Caterpillar technology. The goal? To connect with a younger audience, create viral shareable content, and to build brand recognition around the world.

Golf course trial

To demonstrate the raw power and size of their equipement, Caterpillar installed their own moving golfcourse. Two professional golfers then teed off against each other to compete for the first hole in one

Aerial Production

Capturing the spectacle using traditional cameras was not enough. To demonstrate the utter chaos of a moving golf course, we were tasked with giving a new perspective and a sense of scale to the monstrous Caterpillar equipment

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